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"Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well." - Aristotle

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Product Range and Activities

  • Interactive English Theatre Shows and Storytelling Sessions.
  • Conference Support – themed sessions,  key note events.
  • In-service Teacher Training Courses (Comenius Catalogue and now Erasmus Plus, therefore EU Grant funded) 5 day residential  events.
  • Summer camps for Students (aged 14-18) Based in UK or bespoke in home country. 14 days residential.
  • Interactive Workshops.  One day or sessional - morning, afternoon or evening bespoke events.
  • Thematic Weekend Events in English. Murder Mystery,  Lost in Space, Treasure Hunt and Bespoke.
  • English Language and Culture Immersive Courses.  7 day residential. Belfast, Edinburgh, Newcastle or Whitby
  • Spanish Language and Culture Immersive Courses. 7 day residential. Based in Madrid.
  • European Project  and  Partnership Consultancy.
  • UK & European Partner Finding Service for schools and colleges.
  • On line Publications of  Interactive Langauge Games and Methodology.  Prototype developement.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying for Language Learning, European Co-operation and Cultural Understanding
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Current European Projects

  • Empowering You(th)

This year, InterActing UK was involved in a youth work training course, hosted by ERAMUS+. Empowering You(th) took place in Lithuania (17th-21st September) and Spain (21st-26th October) designed to train participants, from multiple countries and organisations, on the theory and practical skills/qualities required for such work. This culminated in multiple project groups being formed tasked to create and implement an ERAMUS+ project application.

The training was informal, like youth work itself, and took a learn-by-doing approach to games and projects. Laugh while you learn! The first week, focused on games and the theory behind why games are so useful in youth work. The second week was focused more on the process involved in applying for potential ERAMUS+ projects (in this case, youth exchanges). Both weeks involved participants hosting nights, with themes, that could be used in a youth exchange (with evaluations the following day). The second week took this a step further by having project groups organise not only nights but morning and afternoon energisers as well. Moreover, the project helped reinforce our shared European heritage whilst creating a safe environment to learn about cultural differences that unite us and not divide us. As the EU itself states, we are ‘United in diversity’.

  • EU-ACT

EU City Tellers (EU-ACT) is another project we are involved with this year. The overall aim of EU-ACT is to innovate and improve teaching methods - a goal we are consistently promoting throughout our work. This time, our subject is European cultural heritage and our target is you! EU-ACT is a project aimed at promoting our shared European heritage whilst bringing interactive tours into the information age. A tourist such as yourself will value the real results made during this project. Every place has a story but sometimes that story is presented like an ordinary lecture. We at Interacting UK wholeheartedly believe that education should be an enjoyable experience but more often than not it’s taught in a rather mundane manor. That’s why EU-ACT will be working with partners in adult and vocational education from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and, of course, the UK. We shall devise products for tourism and entrepreneurship that can be used for generations to come. Our interactive theatre techniques will drive a new type of tourist experience where actors become guides that promote their cultural heritage. This involves finding a sharp, witty team to bring tours to life by discussing history from the point of view of those who lived through it!

Europe is a continent brimming with rich culture and any means of disseminating our history engagingly is nothing but a benefit. The project’s aim is to implement ‘City Tellers’ tours in each partner country. Furthermore, the project also includes creating brand new tour guide apps in each city as a means of bringing the tourism sector to the modern age. For those who don’t know, augmented reality is the opposite of ‘what you see is what you get’. With these apps, you put your phone’s camera over a building, monument, or place of interest and that interesting place will have its information displayed right on your screen! What you see is not everything you get with these apps.

EU-ACT will run for two years and will renovate our perceptions of a typical city tour. How will you discover our history? Would you prefer an easy-to-use augmented reality app? Maybe you love taking your own pace and seeing information pop out at every building you pass. Perhaps you need a bit more. Do you want to be as close to history you can get? A dynamic tour depicting the trials and tribulations of the city’s most important inhabitants - the citizens! Yes, please!

For more information, please click here;

  • Playing Beyond CLIL

Interacting UK is a partner of Playing Beyond CLIL. The term ‘CLIL’ stands for Content-and-Language-Integrated-Learning and refers to educational settings where a non-linguistic subject is taught through a foreign language. In Europe, there has been a long tradition of CLIL and it is indeed used in most countries. However, this method is not widespread and this inconsistency is troublesome. Fortunately, Interacting UK and other partner organisations helped implement this effective teaching method across the EU last year. This ensures that EU citizens are receiving the best, most innovative education possible regardless of their birthplace. This year, we plan to take this method one step further in order to ‘Play Beyond CLIL’.

In Playing Beyond CLIL we have brought together a team of academic institutions and educational authorities to explore and develop the relationship between drama-based learning processes and classroom assessment. The theatre acts as a test of new learning methods and such learning will be enhanced by the dramatic method. Our partners include the Universities of Berlin, Edinburgh, Helsinki and Las Palmas along with the educational authorities of Espoo in Finland and the Canary Islands.

As the title Playing Beyond CLIL suggests, our starting point is where we left off with the Playing CLIL project and picking up on the results of our tests where teachers often observed that through using our Playing CLIL games. Teachers gained valuable insight into the knowledge of the class in general on a given subject and the language needed to express this knowledge.

We connect with the recent work of the Graz group on pluriliteracies and will propose a series of ‘Show What You Know’ events for teachers to run in order to facilitate the testing of our assessment tools.

Within this project, testing will take place in the Canary Islands and in Finland but we aim to go beyond both geographical boundaries and not to restrict our testing to CLIL contexts! Opportunities for teachers to train and schools to test and run our programme will be made available through Erasmus Plus KA1 and other initiatives. Playing Beyond CLIL will run for three years.

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